Hi ^.^ There is a gorgeous natural mask that I prefer to make when my skin suffers moisture problems. This moisture mask is super easy to make and the ingredients in it are super suitable with every skin. PS: I have sensitive and combination oily-skin. If you are not so sure about your skin type: Know Your Own Skin – Skin Type

We do not want a skin that loses moisture and exfoliates. I tend to easily prepare masks to eliminate them. This mask, which I made with only 2 materials, provides me the moisture I want. So what do you do to your skin to moisturize?

β€’ Half a cucumber

β€’ 1 dessert spoon of yoghurt

The cucumber is peeled, passed through a blender, added to the yogurt, mixed and applied to clean skin. It is washed after 20 minutes. You can continue your normal routine. (It will be enough to use it once a week. If you have very dry skin, you can use it twice a week.)

Benefits for the Skin:


It is rich in vitamins and minerals and thanks to this it deeply moisturizes, rejuvenates, restores and makes the skin look younger.

Different Usage Areas of Cucumbers:

We can slice the cucumber and put it in our eyes or grate it and squeeze the water into the make-up pads and put it on our eyes and wash it after 20 minutes. It relaxes the eyes, helps to remove edema around it and reduces swelling. (I apply it with a mask and had a very enjoyable 20 minutes. Super recommend it. ツ ΰ°‡ )


It is full of acids and minerals, so it moisturizes the skin, prevents scaling and removes fatigue on the face. It whitens the skin by providing color uniformity.

Common benefits of Moisture Mask:

β€’ It reduces the effects of aging and prevents the formation of fine lines.

β€’ Helps in removing stains from the skin.

β€’ It is good for acne scars.

β€’ Thanks to its astringent feature, it helps the pores to shrink and prevents the formation of blackheads.


βž₯ Try on a small part of the skin to avoid allergic problems before apply fully.

Since there is yoghurt in the mask, it is not suitable to be applied around the eyes. It may cause sensitization due to the presence of acids.

Don’t forget to drink water and use sunscreen for a beautiful skin! ツ ΰ°‡

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