Our skin is lubricated by weather conditions, the foods we eat and stressful situations. We can make it look smooth and healthy by regular care. I would like to talk about a mask that I can easily apply to my Rosacea / Sensitive combination skin especially as the weather is getting warmer day by day – Egg White Mask β™‘.β™‘ The person who has rosacea knows very easily and it is very easy to get around with red cheeks. When making masks, I avoid mixing too much ingredients or making masks that will make the skin tired and thin out acidic skin. Is there anybody in my situation? What do you do for it? What is you secret ingredient?

Let’s take a look at a very easy recipe with one ingredient.

β€’ 1 egg white

We have to break the egg, separate the white and whisk it until it froths. (The trick is here it takes a good whisk to keep it on the skin.)

It will be much more effective if it is applied after a bath or after steam application.

I apply the mask in 2 ways.

1. I apply it to my clean skin, wait 20 minutes and wash it with lukewarm water.

2. I create my own blackhead band. I apply it to my T area and put a napkin on it, apply the egg white on the napkin and fix it. When the napkin dries well, I gently remove it from my skin. I rinse with water.

It is applied once a week. It is suitable for all skin types but I think oily skin will love it πŸ˜‰

* Single use only. You can apply the remaining material to the body.

Egg White Mask – perfect for your sensitive / rosacea skin β™‘

Skin Benefits of Egg White Mask:

Eggs contain protein and vitamins. In addition to being very beneficial as a nutrient, it is very beneficial to the skin when applied externally.

β€’ It helps us to get rid of oil, dirt and dust on our skin. In this way, it prevents acne, acne, excess oil and blackhead formation.

β€’ By tightening the skin, it shrinks the pores and helps us to have a smoother and more vibrant skin by removing dead cells.

β€’ It controls excess sebum.

β€’ Helps to eliminate fine wrinkles and reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles.

β€’ It is good for minor burns.

Texture β™‘

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βž₯ Try it on a small part of the skin to avoid allergic problems.

Those who are allergic to eggs should never apply this mask.

I’m looking forward to your experiences. ツ ΰ°‡

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