RICE WATER TONER – Natural Beauty

RICE WATER TONER – Natural Beauty

I have come up with a recipe that every skin type will love and add to their daily skin care routine, which is very easy and can be made with ingredients found in every home. Rice is maybe the ingredient that I use the most on my skin care routine. I’m pretty sure that with the amazing components, you will love and see the results of this rice water toner in the long term. 

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Ingredients of Rice Water Toner

2 tablespoons of rice

1 glass of drinking water

Add the rice to the drinking water you boiled, cover (2 hours) and let it rest (mix it occasionally). Then filter the water in a clean bowl and put it in a spray bottle or a normal bottle when it cools down well. You can use cotton or spray to apply on your skin.

If you keep it in the refrigerator, you can easily use it for 1 week.

Benefits for the skin:

โ€ข It is a hypoallergenic toner. Calms the skin. (Sensitive / Easilyย Getting Red skin can also easily use it.)

โ€ข Regulates the PH of the skin. It prevents excessive oil and shine on the skin.

โ€ข Helps to cleanse the pores and tighten the skin.

โ€ข It minimizes the appearance of spots on the skin and prevents new formations.

โ€ข It controls acne formation.

โ€ข The ingredients help to repair and protect the skin.

โ€ข Rice water helps to whiten the skin – Doesnโ€™t affect to your natural skin tone, significantly brighten your skin and noticeable whiten skin spot cause of acne or/and sun in a regular use.

โ€ข Contains inositol (helps cell development, good blood flow). Thus, it gives the skin a lively appearance and prevents wrinkles.

Please use Rice Water Toner regularly ^.^


โžฅ Try it on a small part of the skin to avoid allergic problems.

โžฅ If there is a change in its odor or texture, do not use it. Make a new one!


You can also use the toner for hair. Apply it on clean hair after shampooing, wait 3-5 minutes and rinse, you will notice that your hair looks brighter and healthier.

Do not forget to share the effects with us once you try this. เฐ‡

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