My Skincare Journey – How I Started

My Skincare Journey – How I Started

        Hello, I wanted to start this first post with how I started my skincare adventure at the age of 31. First of all, if I talk about my skin type a little; I was a person who had pimples in adolescence even though it was not intense, and then I always had a pimple on his face during university life. I had pimples all the time, even except for the pimples during my menstrual periods. My acne journey, which started on my forehead in adolescence, continued its adventure in my chin area. I also had pore problems other than acne, which I think is the most troublesome ใ… _ใ… 

Before – After

      Wouldn’t there be blackheads next to the pore problem, of course there was that too =_= ah ah, my youth passed with finding a solution to them or not even finding them. I tried various ways to get rid of these pimples. The products I get deceived by the advertisements I watch on TV; the products that I gave a lot of money without doing any research so that they would work better if they were more expensive; Homemade masks, recipes, without doing research, saying that the best way is to use natural products without knowing my skin type. Of course, I could not get efficiency from any of them. All that effort and so much money wasted. My skin got worse because; The wrong products I used were causing acne on my skin and I was playing with these pimples, which is the worst. I would feel depressed when I saw those scars.


My Skincare Mistakes…

ย  ย  ย  Later, I gave up all of the products and turned to natural soap. On a whim, I bought natural laurel soap and washed my face in the morning and evening with it.

If you have oily skin, you will understand me very well, since our skin is always oily and glowing – not in a good way, I liked the dryness and tightness that soap gives.ย ย 

ย  ย  ย  However, it was so wrong. My skin was also dehydrated now. After washing it with soap, I was not applying anything to my face. Of course, these processes have increased and aged my skin’s dull appearance. Dryness also causes dullness of the skin at an early age. I’m sure most oily skins have experienced similar processes.

Find the correct way to me

      When I was 31 years old, I was obsessed in Korean TV series. And the their smooth, glowing, perfect skin – of course there is make-up but mine is not like that even make-up on   ใ…œ_ใ…œ   caught my attention (of course – I’m a skin fethish!). By the way, did I mention my love for BTS โ™ก.โ™ก oh what to wrap.

       Suddenly I became an Army (BTS fans understood me) the more I watched them, the more I admired their skin. Their skin caught my attention. I know it’s related with their skincare routine. They always happen with treatments, but I didn’t know what they were using. Especially the paper mask they made on their faces attracted my attention.
One day my friend said that she bought a paper mask and she was satisfied. Then I said, let me try.

My all skincare mistakes ใ…œ_ใ…œ

       We got up immediately and went to the nearest store. We bought some paper masks for our face. I tried one in the evening. I clutched it on my face and held it for the recommended time. It was a different but enjoyable experience for me. The next morning I woke up and my skin was soft, I did not expect such an effect from the first use. Imagine how dehydrated my skin was, after the first product I used, it was so soft. Since the result satisfied me, I started to research paper masks. I started to research videos on how to use the best paper mask, where to buy it, and how to use it. Then I came across Korean skin care. That’s when I started researching. And since I said this I have found myself in this world. I am very grateful for this. The change in my skin has also increased my self-confidence, now my selfies are more comfortable ^.~ as well as with my natural state without makeup.

Choose your best Skincare Routine for you – Identify Your Skin Type

Know your own skin โ™ก

       I could not imagine that this change would make me so happy. Especially my close environment has observed the change more clearly. The more they motivate me, the more I pay attention to my skincare. The essence of the matter is our happiness, it is in our hands to make it the best it can be with the right products and the right use.

Together with me *^.^*

       From here, my advice to young skins is that you protect your beautiful skin and my advice to people over 30 like me is not too late for anything (^_^) We have a long way to go.
I thank everyone who has read so far. It is obvious that you have intended my skincare journey. We will do good things together. As Koreans say, fighting~^^

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