When we see Korean’s glowing skin, we think “what are they doing for this?” Let’s meet K-beauty, which is the trend of recent times. Korean skin care consists of a 10-step routine with quality cosmetics made from natural and functional ingredients. Yes, 10 steps. Don’t let this scare you, you and your close ones will realize that even if it seems like too many steps, your efforts are worth it.

Even the 10-step routine has proven to be useful, you don’t have to do all the steps every day. Some steps are aimed at solving problems for problematic skin. If you know your skin and determine your needs well, if you choose the right products, you will get a high level of efficiency from these steps.

Let’s examine the steps now:

My favourite cleansing balms, oils and foam cleansers โ™ก

1. Oil Based Cleanser

In Korean skin care, a double-stage care called double cleansing is applied.  It is enough to apply this first step at night. With the cleansing oil or cleansing balm, the dirt, oil and sebum accumulated on your skin all day; waterproof makeup; you gently cleanse the sunscreen and your pores. You should apply it to your dry skin like massage and then rinse with water.

2. Water Based Cleanser

It is the second stage of double-cleansing. It can be applied in the morning / at night. Your skin determines the need for morning use. Dry skin does not need to be applied in the morning. At night, all skin types should gently apply the foamed cleanser to their skin and then rinse with water.

3. Exfoliation (peeling)

You can do this step in your night-time routine by using a physical or chemical peeling product. Getting rid of the dead skin on your skin is the goal. This stage is important for better absorption of the next stage products into your skin. Physical peeling is washable and particulate; Chemical peels are acidic. Chemical peels are more effective than physical peels, but should be used carefully. Using this step every day will tire the skin. It will be sufficient to apply once or twice a week.

4. Toner

It cleans the last dirt on the skin and prepares your skin for the products you will use later. Suitable for morning / night use. If you are using acidic toner, you can apply it to your skin with cotton. On the other hand, moisturizing toner, you can it pour some amount on your hand and gently apply it to your face.

My favourite toners, essences and serums ^3^

5. Essence

Essence has entered our lives with Korean skin care. It is a product that we do not know its effect until it is used, but that we cannot give up after using it. Suitable for morning / night use. Its consistency may vary depending on the product. It can be like water or a little thicker than water. It is the first step of moisturizing. The effects may be visible.

6. Serum / Ampoule

This stage is aimed at solving the skin problem. They are products with active ingredients. Product selection should be made according to what you need. Suitable for morning / night use.

7. Sheet Mask

As you know, sheet masks are a completely necessary part of Korean skin care routine ๐Ÿ™‚ Sheet masks are products that contain heavily serum, ampoules or moisturizers. It can be an urgent solution to dry skin especially in winter. You can apply intensive care for its purpose by applying it to your skin in 15-20 minutes. It is sufficient to use it once a week in the morning or evening.

Sheet mask, moisturizers, my favourite eye and lip products โ™กโ™ก

8. Eye Cream

It is important to moisturize the eye area and to prevent bruises under the eyes or wrinkles around the eyes. Specially produced products should be used for this region. The eye area is sensitive and the products you use for your face are not generally tested around the eyes, so they may cause irritation or sebaceous glands in this area. You should apply the product with small touches around your eyes with your fingertips in the morning / at night.

9. Moisturizer

Moisturizers are important in locking the products you applied until this step onto your skin. It prevents wrinkles in regular use. Oily skin can skip this stage if they use a moisturizing sunscreen in their morning routine. But at night routine, all skin types should add a moisturizing product to their routine.

10. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is the last and essential step in your morning routine. In order to prevent aging and skin cancer, you should never start your day without applying sunscreen every day, regardless of summer and winter.

NOTE: The order in which the products will be used is actually simple. You should move from the most water-based, most easily absorbed product to the product with the highest consistency. For this reason, creamy products should be used in the last steps of the routine.

If you do this routine with Korean products in general, you will get better results because; Korean skin care products are suitable for every step and do not tire the skin. 

Personally, the double cleansing method is my favourite part of Korean skin care routine. Sure you will see the difference when you actually start to clean your face O_O And please do not only use the makeup wipes to clean your face โ˜….โ˜…

Stay beautiful ^.~

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