I am sure many of you now have the idea of how we can be beneficial to nature, to animals, briefly to the universe in which we live. The question “What can we change then?” contains answers that we can all do something, albeit in small steps. With this intention, I wanted to start with the cruelty-free certification.

What is Cruelty-free?

Cruelty-free is a label for products or activities that do not harm, cruel or kill animals anywhere in the world. The phrase “not tested on animals” does not mean the same as cruelty-free. While the phrase “not tested on animals” indicates that no animal testing is carried out on the finished product, it does not guarantee that animal testing is not carried out during the development or content supply phase of the product.

Cruelty-free Certificates

The 3 most reliable cruelty-free labels worldwide;

1) CCIC Leaping Bunny Label

When companies sign the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics Leaping Bunny Label certificate, it means a guarantee that the product is not tested on animals at any stage. It includes the process before signing the certificate.

Certified Leaping Bunny logo

2) PETA Cruelty-Free Label

PETA listed fair companies to ensure that the product does not have animal testing in the procurement,development and final stages. The only problem is here, there are many steps and assignments before signing the certificate. Companies could avoid this very long process.

Certified PETA cruelty-free bunny

3) Choose Cruelty-Free Rabbit

These are lists created by an independent organization based in Australia. The difference between this and the other two is that even though it is in the Chinese market, companies that say they do not test animals can also be listed.

Certified Cruelty-Free logo

How do we find out ?

Products may have a rabbit logo indicating that they are innocent. You can query the product from www.cruelty The most up-to-date list is on PETA’s list. But there are companies that can be crulety-free even if they don’t apply to PETA. Apart from that, you can also search on Apart from these, you can ask the company by sending an e-mail. Usually they answer.

 We should point out that if a company has entered the Chinese market, it is not Cruelty-free. Because the Chinese Government requires animal testing before it is put up for sale in the country. The European Union has imposed restrictions on this issue. They prohibit animal testing, especially Germany is the strictest in this regard. There is a requirement that no animal testing can be carried out on any product produced in Germany.

 Alternative ways other than animal testing (cell tissue models, computer, simulation, artificial skin, bacterial culture, human volunteerโ€ฆ) may not only be more humane but also faster, cheaper and more predictive of human response.

 My hardest area is in skin care products. I admit that I have difficulty finding alternative brands or alternative products in specific ingredients. But I think it is not right to do nothing just because we cannot make a complete change in our lives. I think we can change our nature as much as we can. 1 is better than 0. Even a small change makes a difference.

Stay Beautiful ^.~

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