Best Skincare Routine – IDENTIFY MY SKIN TYPE

Best Skincare Routine – IDENTIFY MY SKIN TYPE

    There are generally  5 different skin types; dry,normal,oily,combination and sensitive skin. Each skin type has its own skin care methods, skin care products and cosmetics. If we know our skin correctly, we will successfully fight against conditions that we do not want such as acne, wrinkles, redness or sensitivity. If we determine the needs of our skin correctly, we can make the right care with the right products. Thus, our skin will be healthier and will look more beautiful in the make-up we make.



Know Your Own Skin

Let’s find out how can we identify our skin type together *^.^*


   This has 4 very easy steps. 


  1. Remove make-up and wash face
         Gently cleanse your skin and wash it thoroughly. Then dry your face with a towel without tugging the skin.
  2. Waiting
         Wait for 1 hour without touching your face. This period is necessary for your skin to return to its natural structure.
  3. Paper napkin
         We find a wide paper napkin and slowly touch it to your face. We press for 10 seconds on the forehead,cheeks, nose and chin area. At this stage, you can make a healthier observation by using 3 seperate napkins. (Forehead/ cheek/ nose and chin)
  4. Examination
        Here we come to the final and exciting stage. We are examining the napkins. If;
    โ€ข All of the napkins are transparent , i.e. oily.Your skin is OILY
    โ€ข There is no change in the napkin on the cheeks.It is on the forehead, nose and chin. Your skin is MIXED
    โ€ข There is no oily on the napkins. Your skin is NORMAL
    โ€ข None of them change, but you feel tight. Your skin is DRY
    โ€ข SENSITIVE SKIN type ,on the other hand, manifests itself by causing problems such as itching and redness with ordinary cleaning products, apart from this method.    


What is your skin type? Let me know ^.~

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